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Compete with Vogt Riding Academy

Our students also have become strong contenders on the local Dressage Show circuit. In addition, we normally host two Horse Shows a year on the grounds, exclusively for our own students. Riders of both private and academy horses are welcome to compete.




• $80 private lesson, 45 minutes (typically on the Friday or Thursday before a show)
• $50/schooling for current VRA students, 30 minutes (typically before a test on Saturday or Sunday)



• Local trip:  $200
• Long distance:  $1.50/mile/horse

VRA Show Dates


VRA holds two shows a year, typically in June and October, for their students.  All students, from the youngest vaulters to the most advanced equestrians participate.  The students love getting the horses and the barn ready for the shows and having a chance to exhibit their skills.

The VRA shows were suspended during the pandemic, however, plans are in the works for 2023!

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