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News from VRA!

Check this page to read about exciting news from Vogt Riding Academy! This page will feature news about our students and their amazing accomplishments as well as any news from the barn. 

2022 Show Season

At the 2022 USDF Annual Convention, Lauren Polk took top honors at Training Level Horse of the Year on Diano as Champion for Junior/Young Riders. Virginia and The Safari Party ended the year as the Reserve Champion Second Level Horse of the Year... and the Second Level Horse of the Year Champion for Junior/Young Riders. 


Virginia, Anneliese & Lauren are all smiles!

What an amazing conclusion to the 2022 season!  Lauren Polk and Holly Sommers represented Vogt Riding Academy at the USDF Dressage Finals. Lauren and Diano rose to the top of the Training Level, taking the Champion position for Junior/Young Riders - and Holly had an amazing ride on her handsome boy, Danny!

Holly, Anneliese, and Lauren (atop Diano) celebrate the Training Level Jr/YR win for Lauren & Diano!

Holly Sommers, Natasha Moffitt, Virginia Woodcock and Lauren Polk represented Vogt Riding Academy at the Region 3 Championships in October!  The team came away with three championships, and high placements in other classes. 


Virginia Woodcock and The Safari Party take home the Children's Reserve Champion at the 2022 Festival of Champions. Watch her winning ride (Children's Team Test).


Lauren Polk and Diano took the blue ribbon for both the JR/YR Training Level and the 13&U Dressage Seat Equitation Class at the 2022 Region 3 Championships! 


The VRA team had the opportunity to work with Albrecht Heidemann at an in-house clinic on October 3-4, 2022. After two amazing days of riding, the team enjoys a dinner together.

2021 Show Season

The COVID-19 pandemic created many challenges for the Vogt team, but you wouldn't have known it based on the results:


Julia Stainback and Diano swept the Adult Amateur 2nd and 3rd Level at the 2020 Region Three Championships, giving the lovely pair a spot at the 2021 National Dressage Championships. The pair contributed to the Region 3 Team's overall 2nd place. 

Holly Sommers and MW Dante's Inferno (Danny) were Reserve Champion in the 1st Level Adult Amateur class at the 2020 Region Three Championships. The pair went on to compete at the 2021 National Dressage Championships. 


Julia Stainback and Diano won blue ribbons at the 2020 Region Three Championships for First and Second Level Adult Amateurs! What a pair!

Virginia George Williams.PNG

Virginia Woodcock and The Safari Party finished the year as the JR/YR First Level Reserve Champion. The pair won the 1st and 2nd Level at the 2021 Region 3 Championship, and went on to compete at the 2021 National Dressage Championships as the youngest rider at the event. As the winner of the 13&U Dressage Seat Equitation at the 2021 Region 3 Championship, she received an invitation to compete at the 2021 Festival of Champions where she took Reserve Champion in the event. She was then selected for the 2022 Robert Dover Horsemastership Clinic Week, which showcases the nation's top young riders.  She was awarded the prestigious Pam Kimble Memorial Trophy for the second year in a row by the GDCTA. 


Virginia Woodcock with USDF Youth Coach George Williams

2020 is a Wrap!

Many shows were cancelled as a result of the pandemic, but that didn't stop the VRA team from posting some incredible results:

Julia Stainback and Diano swept the 2nd and 3rd Level Adult Amateur at the Region 3 Championships. 

Holly Sommers and MW Dante's Inferno (Danny) were Reserve Champion in the First Level Adult Amateur championship. 


What an incredible Region 3 Championship! Go Team VRA!


Marline Syribeys won the 2020 Pam Kimble Memorial Trophy from the GDCTA. She and Hollywood finished the year as the 2020 PSG JR/YR Regional Champion (Region 3), 2020 I1 JR/YR Regional Reserve Champion (Region 3).

Virginia Woodcock's The Safari Party topped the virtual award stand as the nation's 2020 Training Level JR/YR Champion!  Virginia and Safari won the Training Level (JR/YR) and the 13&U Dressage Seat Equitation at the Region 3 Championships. 

Julia & Holly celebrate with Anneliese at the 2020 Region 3 Championships!

2019 Year End Awards

We are very proud of the entire Vogt team for a successful year in and out of the show ring! Here are some highlights:  

  • Isabelle Braden and Dali ended their year as Reserve Champions in the country at 3rd level! Congratulations, Isabelle! 

  • Marline Syribeys and Hollywood finished their year in 10th place in the country at FEI Prix St. George level. We are so proud of you, Marline!

  • Sophie Mullaney & Virginia Woodcock were recipients the 2019 Youth Rising Star Award along with 4 other riders in the nation. This award recognizes outstanding sportsmanship in youth riders. Congratulations, Sophie and Virginia!

VRA at the 2019 North American Youth Championships!


VRA's Marline Syribeys (2nd from left) and Region 3 winning the Young Rider team Bronze medal!

Marline Syribeys with trainer Anneliese Vogt-Harber at the team medal ceremony.


Trainer Anneliese Vogt-Harber with the amazing Hollywood.

We are so proud of Marline Syribeys (Young Rider) riding Hollywood and Isabelle Braden (Junior Rider) riding Dali who competed in the 2019 North American Youth Championships! Not only were they selected to represent Region 3 (SE USA) out of a strong group of riders, but they brought home two medals and top placings!


Marline and Hollywood, along with the entire Region 3 Young Rider team, won team bronze! Region 3 Junior Riders just missed the podium, but came in a very respectable 4th place finish out of 8 teams with Isabelle and Dali being the highest scoring team member!


In the Junior Rider individual class, Isabelle and Dali earned the bronze medal with an amazing score of  70.147%! While in the Young Rider Individual class, Marline and Hollywood ended up 5th with a great score of 67.265%! 


In the Junior Rider Freestyle competition, Isabelle and Dali just missed the podium and earned 4th place with a score of 71.025% (only .2 behind the bronze medalist)! In the Young Rider Freestyle competition, Marline and Hollywood ended up in 7th place with a score of 69.055%! 

This competition is considered the 'Junior Olympics' of dressage, so we are extremely proud of our girls being selected for the team and producing awesome scores! We can't wait for next year :)

NAYC19 AVH &MS.jpg

Isabelle Braden with trainer Anneliese Vogt-Harber after winning the individual Junior Rider bronze medal! 

NAYC19 JOG.jpg

Isabelle Braden and Dali ready for the Junior Rider jog (left) and Marline Syribeys and Hollywood ready for the Young Rider jog (right)!


We would be no where without our amazing support team near and far!

From left to right: Chris Braden (dad extraordinaire), Dr. Keeton (vet), Margaret Putnal (friend, fellow VRA rider and groom), Holly Sommers (friend and fellow VRA rider), Anneliese Vogt-Harber (trainer), Marline Syribeys, Isabelle Braden, Erin Braden (mom extraordinaire) and Beth Syribeys (mom extraordinaire). 

To the best of horses.....


July 27, 2018 was the day that every horse owner dreads. The VRA family lost one of its most loved members - Schale. Just the day before, I couldn’t believe when he trotted by with a beginner looking the picture of health despite his 26 years - sound, fit, strong, and with such good bloom.

He carried the weight of my family’s breeding legacy that began when my father imported 2 Lipizzaner mares from the breeding farm for the Spanish Riding School in Piber, Austria; and a stallion, Maestoso Conversano, from Yugoslavia in 1964. The result of that breeding was a majestic son - Tulipan Neopol - better known to most as Tünnes who was a fine example of the elegant and dynamic side of the breed.

No longer having any Lipizzaner mares to breed, and wanting to continue to carry the Lipizzaner bloodlines and my parents’ dream, Bill and I decided to breed Tünnes to a thoroughbred mare - Star!

The result of that pairing was the horse of a lifetime - Schale! A clown from beginning, also embodying that unique spark from Tünnes, when he climbed on his mom, to forever making me smile and be proud of him when he was out working and competing, to humbling and teaching so many riders through his cheeky antics.

That Friday morning dawned like so many others with the horses grazing quietly in the pasture. The girls enjoyed the sunrise as they went to catch Schale who was standing contentedly with his pasture mates, but noted that he had endured a terrible tragedy. At some time in the early morning, his hoof had been severed. Thankfully, he experienced no pain since the nerves had also been cut. There is no explanation for this injury as there is not any wire in the pasture, nor hair on any of the board fence, and no evidence of a struggle. Paige has reviewed all of the video surveillance - which is clearer than most evenings with the encroaching full moon - of the driveway, the parking lot, and important portions of the pasture - and we have no explanation.

I have never cremated a horse before, but I wasn’t ready to let him go. He will forever be a part of VRA in body and clearly in spirit as he traverses so many of your memories and lives on in your hearts. Until I read all of your FB posts, I didn’t realize the impact that he had on so many that went so far beyond riding lessons.

Rest In Peace dear Schale. You were one in a million whose life was the novel that few horses can ever author - you taught kids from the beginning when they started their basic riding skills with vaulting, to their first lunge-line lessons, and onwards as they grow into the beginner lessons through the jumping classes. You took so many around their first over fences courses at the VRA shows and down their first centerlines in recognized competitions. The passion you ignited in so many burns on in the heart fire of innumerable students who will never forget you!

With love from Anneliese and your whole Vogt family, both past and present...

Schale,  you were a one in a million  horse and so beloved 

VRA at the 2017 North American Junior /Young Rider Championships!

VRA's Juliet Hess & Marline Syribeys traveled from Atlanta, GA

to Saugerties, NY to represent Region 3.

Marline Syribeys and Hollywood won the Bronze Medal in the Young Rider Individual Freestyle & received the Dressage Style Award.  Congratulations Marline & Hollywood!

Juliet Hess & Diano headed off to the NAJYRC Jr Freestyle in their Tota Comfort System noseband. Thank you Dressage Connection for sponsoring Region 3!

Juliet’s Musical Freestyle at Nationals

Juliet and Diano rocking  their Santana Freestyle at Nationals....

Work Those Angles Juliet and Diano!!!

The always fashion forward Juliet Hess had a chance to promote the   Tota Comfort System® while at the regional championships and made it into their main article!!! Read what she had to say about the revolutionary noseband on their website!!

Juliet and Diano show off the Tota Comfort System® noseband for the cameras!!  
13620165_1575441489419289_8988868493283922135_n - Copy
13669204_10206947425108544_463225240785995559_n - Copy
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VRA at the North American J/YR Championships!

This summer not just one, but TWO of the students here at the VRA family joined the Region 3 Team in Parker, Colorado for the North American J/YR CHampionships!! We are so proud of Marline Syribeys and Juliet Hess for helping Region 3 win the gold medal in the team competition. In addition, Marline and Hollywood placed 8th overall in the individual competition while Juliet and Diano placed 7th!! We are so proud of these girls and can't wait to see what amazing things they do next! 

11 Alive News Team at Vogt!!

Recently the 11 Alive team from Atlanta paid us visit wondering about Marline and Juliet's latest success. See what they have to say!

Mac Enjoys His New Home with Tige!

Over the the summer we have decided that it is time to retire our beloved school horse Mac. It is a well deserved retirement after all his years at Vogt. He is more than happy to now be living with Tige at the VRA retirement barn in South Carolina!

Vogt is proud to welcome Diano Von Paplinglo to the farm!!!!

Rarely does Christmas happen more than once a year, but here at Vogt we had it happen twice in two weeks as we welcomed a second new horse to the family!!! 

Affectionately called “Diano”, Vogt warmly welcomed Juliet Hess’s lovely gelding Thursday night!!! We are so excited to watch this pair grow!!! Congratulations Juliet!!! 

Pround momma Julia on left with Juliet and Diano handgrazing after a long trailer ride from Florida!!! 

Welcome To Vogt BellAngelo!!! 


VRA is thrilled to welcome Caroline Garren’s beautiful BellAngelo to the family!!! We are so excited for this new addition to Vogt’s fantastic herd of horses!!

Congratulations Caroline!!!! 

Is anything cuter then a girl and her horse?

Juliet poses with Diano right off the trailer!!

The Vogt girls know how to have a welcome party for new horses!!

Welcome party included from left to right: Isabelle, Paige, the lovely BellAngelo, proud owner Caroline, Margaret, Marline, and Claire!!


VRA Brings home the best of the ribbons at the 2014 GDCTA Gala!!! 

Pictured Above: 

Back: Madeline Tincher, Juliet Hess, Caroline Garren, and Isabelle Braden 

2nd Row: Margaret Putnal, Mary Kate Wootten, Marline Syribeys , and Shelia Carrol

Sitting in Front: Ava Hess, Claire Tincher, and Anneliese Vogt-Harber

Jan 31s1 2015


Marline Syribeys and Hollywood were Champion-Second Level Junior/Young Rider


Anneliese Vogt-Harber and Hot Black Chocolate were Champion 2nd Level Open 


Margaret Putnal and Hero were Reserve Traing Level  Junior/ Young Rider 


Claire Tincher and Zennadu placed 3rd in Training Level Junior/Young Rider


Isabelle Braden and Shane placed 6th in Traing Level  Junior/ Young Rider 


Shelia Carrol and Leiden placed 5th in the Adult Amature Intermediaire 1 



Margaret and Tammy Putnal

Margaret and Tammy Putnal

The Hess Family

The Hess Family

Sheila Carrol

Sheila Carrol

Caroline, Maddy, and Juliet

Caroline, Maddy, and Juliet

Beth and Marline Syribeys

Beth and Marline Syribeys

Bob and Claire Tincher

Bob and Claire Tincher

Mary Kate, Margaret, and Isabelle

Mary Kate, Margaret, and Isabelle

Marline Syribeys

Marline Syribeys

Claire and Ava

Claire and Ava

The lettermen jackets!!

The lettermen jackets!!

Isabelle and Claire

Isabelle and Claire


We are so proud of you!!! 

In Loving Memory of Sonny and Seraph

Two of our most beloved school horses past over rainbow bridge in December. Sonny and Seraph were long time Vogt school horses and two of the best teachers that any barn could have asked for. Seraph was put down from colic complications with a twisted gut and Sonny had a hard impaction in his gut that the vets could not make pass. It was one of the toughest decisions that barn has ever had to make but for both horses there was no alternative that was kinder. When we lose a horse it is like losing a family member. The horses are so loved and it is a heartbreaking decision that must be made because you care about them enough to know that in the end they are in better place. To Seraph and Sonny, the biggest pair of goofballs on the planet and the sweetest teachers anyone could ask for, you were so loved!!! 


Lets have a party and call it a horse show....

Snapshots from the 2014 Vogt Riding Academy Fall Horse Show!!

photo 5.JPG
10-14 Voght Horse Show-008.jpg
10-14 Voght Horse Show-016.jpg
2013 09 14 Ellie_1273.jpg
2013 09 14 Ellie_1294.jpg
2013 09 14 Ellie_1277.jpg
2013 09 14 Ellie_1293.jpg
2013 09 14 Ellie_1298.jpg
2013 09 14 Ellie_1274.jpg
2013 09 14 Ellie_1287.jpg
DSC03415 (1).jpg
2013 09 14 Ellie_1291.jpg
2013 09 14 Ellie_1272.jpg

Congratulations to the 2014 Show Team!! 

Results can be found on our "Shows" page!

Pictured above: The 2014 Vogt show team


Left to right: Julia Stainback (on mounting block) Paige Williams, Anneliese Vogt-Harber, Isabelle Braden, Marline Syribeys, Caroline Garren, Mary Kate Wootten, Ellen Wall, Margaret Putnal, and Natasha Moffitt. Front left to right: Juliet Hess and Claire Tincher 



Great Job this Season Ladies!! 


Left to Right: Caroline Garren and Dasher, Marline Syribeys with Hollywood, Natasha Moffitt with Tivo, Mary Kate Wootten and Schale, Shelia Carrol and Leiden, Isabelle Braden with Shane, Nathalie Lebreton (holding for Juliet Hess) and Faolan, Claire Tincher and Zen, and Margaret Putnal with Hero

2014 US Dressage Finals 

Anneliese and Hot Black Chocolate thriled after finishing 8th out of 37 entries in the 2nd level open championships!! 

Anneliese and Natasha Moffitt made it all the way to the US Dressage Finals!! The Dressage Finals were once again held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. Competitors came from all over the country including states as far as California and Washington!! Even faced with the best competition in the nation, and not always agreeable weather conditions Anneliese was 8th in a huge class of 37 riders at 2nd level with a score of 69% under some of the toughest judging. This was Natasha Moffitt’s debut at the finals and aboard Tvauri and she showed beautifully to get a 62.3% in large very tough class of 26 riders!! 

Natasha Moffitt riding the lovely Tvauri salutes the judge before riding her 2nd level championship class. 

2014 Regional Championships Snapshots!! 


Vogt at Lextington KY Regionals....


The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY was the location for the USDF Region 2 Dressage Championships October 8-12, 2014. Among the 600 horses competing from 24 states were Anneliese Vogt-Harber who qualified along with six of her Vogt Riding Academy students: Caroline Garren, Marline Syribeys, Margaret Putnal, Claire Tincher, Juliet Hess, and Natasha Moffitt.  Dramatically, the week of showing began with a tornado and ended with a double rainbow.  Our home team brought home many successes in the unusually large Finals classes.  Anneliese & Natasha both qualified to compete in the National Finals to be held again at Lexington in November.  Of the 19 competitors in the Dressage Seat Equitation Finals Age 14-18, 3 Vogt students made the top 10 with Juliet Hess finishing 4th, Marline 8th and Margaret 10th.  Marline Syibeys on Hollywood won Champion at both First & Second Level JrYR!  Juliet Hess placed 4th overall at 2nd Level JrYR and 5th overall at 3rd Level JrYR.  Claire Tincher place 6th overall at Training Level JrYR.

Marline Syribeys places 11th in the nation at the USEF NAtional Dressage Seat Finals!!

Upon her mount Hollywood, Marline Syribeys won the 14-18 age division seat medal semi-finals class in the 2013 Region 3 Championships, which in turn earned her an invitation to the 2014 USEF National Dressage Seat Finals.  In August 2014, Marline traveled to Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, IL where she competed on a borrowed horse named Bella Luna, placing 11th in the nation. 

Vogt welcomes new barn manger Paige Williams into the Academy!! 

Feb. 2014 

Vogt is thrilled to welcome Paige Williams as the new barn manger/ beginner trainer!! Paige has been riding since she was six years old and has worked with a variety of trainers in both the hunter/jumper and dressage world. Paige graduated from Muskingum University with a Biology Major and then spent a year as a working student for two different farms. She wintered in Wellington Fl. at Lars Petersen’s barn with her trainer at the time Sara Spofford. Paige is excited to call Atlanta and Vogt Riding Academy her home! 

VRA Girls win big at the 2013 GDCTA Awards Gala!

Juliet Hess and Vanessa Barnes Compete in USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals in Estes Park, CO! 

February 1, 2014 


Juliet Hess and Hero came in 4th place at Training Level Jr/Yr at the 2013 GDCTA Gala!


Marline Syribeys and Hollywood were the 2013 GDCTA First Level Jr/Yr Champions! 


Helen Woodland and Peregrine were the 2013 GDCTA First Level Jr/Yr Reserve Champions!


Natasha Moffitt and Peregrine came in 11th place at First Level AA at the 2013 GDCTA Gala!


Vanessa Barnes and Faolan were the 2013 GDCTA Third Level Jr/Yr Reserve Champions! 








August 16-18, 2013


Juliet Hess won her 13 & Under Seat Medal Class in the 2012 Region 3 Championships which earned her an invitation to the USEF National Seat Medal Finals! She competed on a borrowed horse, "Remember Me", and placed 9th nationally in her division! We are so incredibly proud of you, Juliet!! 

Marline aboard Bella Luna with trainer Anneliese Vogt-Harber at the Dressage Seat Finals 

Paige aboard the mare Kalliope at Kalliope's very first event 

Vanessa Barnes and Faolan after winning their 3rd Level Championship Class!

Vanessa Barnes placed 2nd in her 14-18 yr Seat Medal Class in the 2012 Region 3 Championships which earned her an invitation to compete in the USEF National Seat Medal Finals! She competed on a borrowed horse, "Legende", and won the national SILVER MEDAL in her age division! We could not be more proud of you, Vanessa!

Vanessa Barnes on Legende with trainer Anneliese Vogt-Harber(left) and Legende's owner, Beth Villary(right).

We did find time to relax in the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. Here is a picture of Vanessa Barnes(lower left), Anneliese Vogt-Harber(upper left), Juliet Hess(lower right), and Julia Stainback(upper right) on a hike in the Rockies! We had a fantatic time showing and enjoying the scenery!

Welcome home, Sarah!

From L to R: Caroline White, Mary Kate Wootten, Caroline Bollinger, Helen Woodland, Anneliese Vogt-Harber, Juliet Hess, Vanessa Barnes, Marline Syribeys, Natsha Moffitt, Claire and Madeline Tincher

Juliet Hess on Remember Me with mother, Julia Stainback(left) and Anneliese Vogt-Harber(right).

Juliet Hess riding Remember Me in the 13 & Under Seat Medal Class 

August 2013


Vogt Riding Acadmey is pleased to welcome back Sarah Crosier! Sarah started riding with us in the vaulting program and rode until she left for college in 2009. She competed at the FEI Junior Level aboard her horse Ramazotti. She graduated from Wake Forest University in may of 2013 and is now working in Atlanta and also teaching part-time at VRA. 

Vanessa Barnes on Legende with Anneliese Vogt-Harber

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