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Group Lesson Schedule 


Vogt holds group lessons every day except Sunday when all the horses get the day off. We hold anywhere from two to four group lessons per day each with anywhere from four to twelve students. Our beginner class is held at 3:45, our advanced class is 4:45, we hold a border/jumping class at 6pm and our intermediate students are ride at 7pm. Our Friday 4:30 class is for both intermediate and beginner riders, our Saturday 10am class is for advanced and intermediate riders and the 11am class is for beginners. On Saturday we also have our Vaulting classes for our 6-8 year olds.  

Summer Lesson Schedule 

In the summer Vogt switches to what we call our “Summer Schedule.” This means our classes begin earlier in the day to keep everyone, horses and people alike, out of the heat as much as possible. We begin our days at 10am and 11am with our advanced and beginner group classes and end with our 6pm border group class Monday through Thursday. On Tuesday and Thursday we also keep our7pm class time the same.  Friday’s 4:30pm class stays the same throughout the summer as well. On Saturday our vaulting classes switch to 8am in the morning to beat the heat of the day; however our 10am and 11am classes again stay the same.   

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