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Our fall schooling show on Sunday, November 3rd brought the whole VRA community together for a fun and interactive afternoon! The show provides a chance for our students to receive feedback from a judge who has never seen them ride before, get to know other riders who do not normally ride in their lesson, and watch exhibitions by Vogt's most advanced riders and also our newest beginners.



Most Improved

Vaulter               Maggie Shuman

         Beginner              Mary Grace Whiltlark 

Intermediate      Lanie Patterson

Advanced           Caroline Garren


Advanced Equitation I

1st Place: Margaret Putnal on Red

2nd Place: Juliet Hess on Hero

3rd Place: Madeline Tincher on Bailey

4th Place: Caroline Garren on Romeo

5th Place:  Tie : Mary Kate Wootten on Rebecca and Isabelle Braden on Lucy


Advanced Equitation II

1st Place: Nathalie LeBreton on Sonny

2nd Place: Anna Newman on Hero

3rd Place: Lucy Brewer on Rebecca

4th Place: Terryl Cronic on Mac

5th Place: Carys Obertone on Joey


Advanced Equitation III

1st Place: Laine Patterson on Schale

2nd Place: Claire Haskell on Joey

3rd Place: Allie Krazinski on Bailey

4th Place: Ella Webb on Cat

5th Place: Anna Hilsman on Red


Equitation over Fences

1st Place: Mary Kate Wooten on Cat

2nd Place: Margaret Putnal on Hero

3rd Place: Nathalie LeBreton on Sonny

4th Place: Terryl Cronic on Shane


Indtermedate Equitation I

1st Place: Lindsay Zappa on Hero

2nd Place: Sophie Mullany on Red

3rd Place: Pierce Jenkins on CC

4th Place: Allissa Stanley on Bailey

5th Place: Libby Carroll on Joey


Intermediate Equitation II

1st Place: Grace Balzer on CC

2nd Place: Claudia Thrasher on Romeo

3rd Place: Tie: Adele Armstrong on Rebecca and Libi Ben-Yoar on Schale

4th Place: Alexa Ryan-Oat on Shane

5th Place: Zoe Coblin on Seraph


Canter Equitation

1st Place: Tie: Charlotte Kottke on Romeo and Emilia Holbel on Lucy

2nd Place: Olivia Sussman on Mac and Gigi Hondroulis on CC

3rd Place: Caroline Howe on Shane


Pair Class I

1st Place: Anna Newman on Shane and Lanie Patterson on Seraph

2nd Place: Lucy Brewer on Schale and Juliet Hess on Mac

3rd Place Claire Haskell on Joey and Allissa Stanley on Rocky

4th Place: Anna Hilsman on Cat and Margaret Putnal on Bailey


Pair Class II

1st Pace: Lindsey Zappa on Rocky and Ella Webb on Sonny

2nd Place: Pierce Jenkins on Hero and Sophie Mullaney on Red

3rd Place: Libby Carroll on Joey and Alexa Ryan-Oat on CC

4th Place: Libi Ben-Yoar on Cat and Allie Krazinski on Bailey


Pair Class III

1st Place: Caroline Howe on Mac and Olivia Sussman on CC

2nd Place: Gigi Hondroulis on Shane and Dalyan Yet on Seraph

3rd Place: Brynn Wansley on Schale and Anna Burgess on Sonny

4th Place: Emilia Holbel on Lucy and Caitlyn Stanley on Romeo


Walk/Trot Equitation I

1st Place: Mary Grace Whitlark on CC

2nd Place: Anna Burgess on Sonny

3rd Place: Alice Emerson on Romeo

4th Place: Dalyan Yet on Rocky


Walk/Trot Equitation II

1st Place: Anna Gray on Romeo

2nd Place: Caitlyn Stanley on Shane

3rd Place: Brynn Wansley on CC

4th Place: Gabrielle Rosenfeld on Schale


In addition to the competitive classes, show attendees also enjoyed three exhibitions:  



Vaulting, which is often described as gymnastics and dance on horseback, helps Vogt's beginning riders develop coordination, balance, strength, and creativity while working in harmony with the horse.


This Fall's vaulting demonstration on Schale, led by Amy Kane Stanely, assisted by Allissa Stanley featured:

Sam Colbin                                      Rebecca Sussman

Emerson Cawles                              Margaret Tipping

Catherine Quillian                          Molly Tipping

Maggie Shuman



Several of Vogt's advanced riders participated in a beautiful drill exhibition.

Juliet Hess on Rebecca                    Ann Chakales on CC

Carys Obertone on Joey                  Isabelle Braden on Cat 

Lucy Brewer on Seraph                    Ella Webb on Shane

Anna Hilsman on Hero                   Caroline Garren on Red


FEI Junior Freestyle Exhibition

Vanessa Barnes on Faolan

Vanessa and Faolan competed in the spring of 2013 at the FEI Junior Level in hopes of qualifying to be on the Region 3 Dressage team at NAJYC. In order to qualify, she had to create a musical freestyle, which is what she performed the day of the VRA schooling show. Some compare NAJYC to the junior olympics; it is a competition held in July each summer that encompasses most disciplines of equestrianism and allows riders from all of the U.S. and Canada. Vanessa and Faolan werethe first alternate for the Region 3 team(southeast). 


When all of the competitive classes and exhibitions were finished, several of the reiders participated in a game of "musical chairs" on horseback, providing a fun and lighthearted end to another successful Fall show.



Vogt Riding Academy Fall Show Information 

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013


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