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2014 Calendar of Competitions 

Our students also have become strong contenders on the local Dressage Show circuit competing with Academy school horses or leased horses. In addition, we normally host two Horse Shows a year on the grounds, exclusively for our own students. Riders of both private and academy horses are welcome to compete.

Recognized Dressage Shows: 


March 2014

22-23 GHF Spring Dressage Show- Chattahoochee Hills/Bouckaert Farm, Fairburn, Ga

25-30 Dressage National 4(25-26) & Wellington 5*(26-30), Wellington, FL

28-30 Dressage at Equestrian Estates, Loxahatchee, FL

29-30 Heidelburg Cup 1 & 2, Apopka, FL 


April 2014

5-6 Greater Atlanta Dressage Show #1 & #2, Conyers, GA

19-20 Poplar Place Farm Dressage Show, Hamilton, GA

26-27 GHF Dressage Show, Conyers, GA 


May 2014
17-18 Poplar Place Farm Dressage, Hamilton, GA


June 2014
7-8 GHF Dressage Show, Conyers, GA

14-15 Poplar Place Farm Dressage Show, Hamilton, GA 


July 2014

19-20 GHF Dressage Show, Chattahoochee Hills/Bouckaert Farms, Fairburn, GA


August 2014

22-24 Ole South Dressage Show, Murfreesboro, TN

30-31 Labor Day Classic I & II, Conyers, GA


September 2014
6-7 Poplar Place Farm Dressage Show, Hamilton, GA

13-14 GHF Dressage Show, Conyers, GA


October 2014
11-12 Atlanta Fall National Dressage Show, Conyers, GA

 16-19 Region 3 Dressage Championships, West Palm Beach, FL 


Schooling Shows:


June 2014

Vogt Riding Academy Spring Show


November 2013

Vogt Riding Academy Fall Show 


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